Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Bounce-A-Rama Party

Hello everyone,

    It's been awhile since I've posted parties or anything at all! Wheew. A quick update about what I have been up to for the past year: I passed my LVN NCLEX exam then worked, worked, worked. Hehe. Okay so Dasha is now almost four and we've been busy with preschool, ballet classes and trips.

    Enough of me now, the post I'm about to share is about Dasha's 3rd birthday party that was held last May 2013 at Bounce-A-Rama in Milpitas, CA.

    A few tips about throwing a Bounce-A-Rama party:

  • If you can do your party on a weekday, do so because it gets really busy on the weekends though we did ours on a Saturday afternoon which came out not so bad 'cause people prefer the outdoors in Spring.
  • Pick the party room that's located upstairs it has an extra table for buffet style settings for your food.
  • You can bring your own cake and store it hours before the party which I think is really nice.
  • They do stick with the 2-hour period policy for your party so if you know your guests too well and know that most of them come in late (like just ours) adjust the time on your invitation for at least half an hour before the party starts. They can wait in the game room and would not be bored. Hehehe.
  • In terms of food, they serve a pretty decent quality and quantity of your ordered food but I suggest that order just enough at the time of booking and then just add more on the party itself when you actually know how many guests you have on your party.
    To sum it all up, we had fun and it was a very stress-free party 'cause after the party's done all we had to do was pack up the gifts and go home! :)

    Here are a few pictures from Dasha's Barbie Bounce-A-Rama party:

Thank you for reading! God bless you!

'Til my next post,


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