Sunday, July 15, 2012

Luau Party

Hello hello! Isn't this the best time of the year to have a Luau party - in an almost-perfect weather season? Our church had one and here's what I did for a Potluck Luau Party for our Pastor who celebrated his birthday yesterday and it was really such an honor for me to do this.

The challenge : $50 budget for decorations.

When I think of Luau, first thing that popped out of my head is COLORS. Luau colors signifies something:

  • Blue - waves of the sea
  • Green - for the beautiful trees
  • Yellow - for the amazing sun
  • Orange - sunset, who does not love the color of sunset?
  • Pink / Purple - for the pretty flowers

I've always wanted to do balloon centerpieces but I can't find the plastic dowels specifically made for balloons. They have it online but shipping and handling is way more expensive than the dowels itself so I had to think another way of doing it = BALLOON TWISTING! Yay because this is the FIRST TIME I did balloon twisting and I ended up sleeping around 5AM. Hihihi :)

So I made different types of balloon centerpieces and taped them in the colorful beachcomber hats we had.

Flowers (the food table at the background had grass skirts as design).

 Palm trees

This balloon tree wasn't this thin, the other yellow one popped.

Flower head

My buffet centerpiece is a Palm tree made of pineapple and fronds.

 Luau wouldn't be a Luau without Tiki torches and leis.

My husband hanging Leis on the trees (I'm so happy that he has been active at church lately and my entire family too).

That was pretty much it and I hope I do another church event. This was also my first Luau party and I know there's still so much more decorations I could've incorporated to this but still I had so much fun doing it and anything for the Lord is priceless = just such an amazing and fulfilling feeling. Thank you so much again Cathedral of Faith - Milpitas for entrusting me with this.

God bless us all and happy Birthday Pastor Robert! :)

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